| Aims |

To publish high-quality research across all areas of medical and health sciences, including medicine, dentistry, nursing, applied medical sciences, public health, and health professions education.
To contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge through the dissemination of innovative experimental methods, significant new results, and novel interpretations of existing data.
To promote the development of medical concepts and theories that can enhance clinical practice and public health outcomes.
To support interdisciplinary collaboration and the integration of various health science disciplines in addressing complex medical and health issues.

| Objectives |

Publication of Diverse Research
Publish articles that cover a broad spectrum of medical and health sciences, ensuring comprehensive coverage from basic research to clinical and experimental work.

Innovation and Scientific Significance
Encourage submissions that present new experimental methods, significant results, and new interpretations that address clinical problems or have epidemiological importance.

Quality and Completeness
Ensure all published studies are complete and methodologically sound, discouraging incomplete studies to maintain the integrity and reliability of published research.

Concept Development
Focus on research that contributes to the development of medical concepts rather than merely documenting facts, thereby fostering advancements in medical science and practice.

 Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Facilitate and promote interdisciplinary research that integrates various health sciences disciplines to tackle complex health issues effectively.

Educational Impact
Include and promote research in health professions education to improve training and development of healthcare professionals.

Global Health Improvement
Aim for the published research to have a meaningful impact on global health, contributing to improved  public health policies and practices